Humble Beginnings

CHEK TV cropThose who stumble across this blog will find I have strong thoughts on  how we communicate with each other. So let me put those thoughts into some perspective.

I took an early talent with words and turned it into a career in journalism. As this picture from the mid-70’s clearly shows, the talent was better exercised behind the camera than in front of it. Eventually, I went over to “the dark side” as my friends in news would say. But to me, corporate communications is still about story telling.

The journalism background taught me clarity and brevity in communication, something useful in today’s 140-character universe. But even as the world is tweeting and texting, the messages are often unclear.

Presentations and seminars have become overrun by the evils of PowerPoint or its Apple equivalent and we are forced to endure long hours of boredom which is sometimes enhanced with digital tricks.

Let’s get back to the basics – good stories, well told. And I promise never to wear a suit like that again.



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2 responses to “Humble Beginnings

  1. Michael Moss

    Right on Ken! It’s about time the sculptor did a self portrait. As for the suit, I’m sure you could still pull off the look, ironically of course.

    Best o’ luck on the blog.

  2. I agree that personal communication is one of those areas too often overlooked in the business world. A very good blog post. Rgds Vince

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