Jon and Kate Plus 8 Million

I was speaking with a friend over the weekend who happens to be a senior newspaper executive. We began talking about his company’s growing on-line presence and he told me how important Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become to the paper. He then sadly admitted that it was also affecting on-line content.

When the goal is to get eyeballs to a website, a strong SEO strategy, backed up with a story on the latest gossip, is the quickest, most efficient way to get there. And that often means running a story on the latest trash TV gossip which this week revolved around a reality show called Jon and Kate Plus 8.

In the past, tabloid newspapers used salacious photos or provocative headlines to boost news stand sales but now it’s an SEO tie-in with the current hot topic. And it works. A story on Jon and Kate or Twilight or David Carradine’s suicide can mean millions of website hits.



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2 responses to “Jon and Kate Plus 8 Million

  1. Tamara

    Ken – the Jon and Kate Plus 8 has so many news features, as you’ve laid them out before.

    Immediacy, celebrity, human interest.

    Plus train wreck, which is a separate, but also important news value! Interesting that a news person fessed up to riding the wave.

    • The train wreck part is conflict in the extreme. But, Tamara, you’re right that it’s interesting that news people are fessing up. In fact, the web has taken news back to the wild west and the media now are struggling to redefine what exactly is news.

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