United Still Breaks Guitars (apparently)

This video has now exceeded 3.6 million views on YouTube.

Dave Carroll spent this week in San Diego. He toured the Taylor Guitar factory and appeared on the weekend edition of NBC Today, Fox TV and CNN. He was also a guest on Jimmy Kimmel’s TV show.

Taylor Guitars invited the media along when Carroll toured their factory. No word on how the video has affected guitar sales but Carroll earlier indicated the factory was giving him two new $3,500 guitars “for his trouble”.

Curve Productions has been gushing about the free publicity all over its Facebook page and is releasing a DVD version of the song in High Definition for sale. Yes, it was originally shot in HD (a very expensive format) which may come as a shock for those still naïve enough to believe this was not a marketing ploy from the get-go.

According to their Facebook page, Curve is also riding the publicity train with “a 7-minute interview (that) Curve’s own Chris Pauley did on CBC Saint John’s Information Morning last Friday about the whole “United Breaks Guitars” phenomenon.”

By his own admission it took Carroll at least 24 hours after his flight landed before he opened up his guitar case to check for damage. And he never verified the damage to United Airlines. After the first video took off, he refused compensation from the airline and suggested, instead, they donate to a charity which they did.

Video production is underway for United: Song 2 and United: Song 3 is coming, Carroll promises.

A cynical person would wonder exactly when he got the idea to make such a profitable video.


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