United Breaks Guitars – the movie

United guitars Red camera


Dave Carroll is not done flying to fame and fortune at the expense of United Airlines (see previous posts). The airline has apologized for allegedly breaking his guitar (he never let them see it, so there is no proof of damage) and United has also donated $3,000 to a charity as requested. Meanwhile Carroll received two $3,500 Taylor guitars from a factory grateful for the publicity.

The photo is from the Curve Productions Facebook page and shows Carroll on the set of the video for the second song. That’s about $50,000 worth of camera equipment he’s playing with. The HD version of song two is expected to be released on I-Tunes shortly with song three to follow.

It’s hard for me to see Dave Carroll as a victim here. He’s obviously much more interested in using his situation to promote his music than he is in lobbying for a change in the way airlines handle luggage. My hunch is that if United really did break his guitar, he’s delighted that they did.



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4 responses to “United Breaks Guitars – the movie

  1. JB

    “He’s obviously much more interested in using his situation to promote his music than he is in lobbying for a change in the way airlines handle luggage.” Yeah, so? Surely you find this admirable.

    • I thought the first video was a clever and effective way of getting his message across, which also had the benefit of increasing his profile. Now, I think he runs the risk of being seen as exploitive. Rather than remain the people’s champion and press for reform, he has shown himself to be no better than United Airlines. I doubt he will be donating his I-Tunes profits to a “broken instruments fund”.

      • Emme

        Why should he have to donate any profits he makes? Would You? I highly doubt it! What an incredibly jaded point of view you have for somebody who claims to have worked with a National Media outlet and whom works with a University. To each his own of course….

      • Please read the posts more carefully Emme, I never suggested Carroll should donate profits. But I did suggest that he profited from the incident. One broken guitar equaled two brand new ones plus a lot of free publicity. Actually, it was he who insisted that United make a donation to a music charity. As to being jaded, that’s pretty common in the “National Media”.

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