Tiger Woods Media Coverage is Par for the Course

I’m willing to bet there were dozens, if not hundreds, of minor traffic accidents in North America on Friday. Many people, no doubt, were taken to hospital, treated for minor cuts and then released. None of them made the news. None of them was Tiger Woods.

Celebrity is a news story hole-in-one as far as the media are concerned. Things that would be ignored if they happened to you or me are scrutinized and their significance is amplified when they happen to someone well known. The minor traffic accident Woods had on Friday is big news.

Woods made matters worse by waiting two days to make a statement. By then speculation was higher than one of his nine-iron shots. Even though he denied the “false, unfounded and malicious rumors that are currently circulating about my family and me” as irresponsible, the damage had been done.

It will be very difficult for Woods to keep this a private matter. “I deserve some privacy no matter how intrusive some people can be,” he says on his website.

No you don’t Tiger.

When you accepted those hundreds of millions of dollars in appearance fees and endorsements there was a cost. You became a public figure and a media target.

The fact is that Woods has had a bit of a free ride so far. His temper tantrums on the course and moodiness in interviews has been ignored or even excused by commentators who stand in awe of his golfing ability.

That could change and now we could start to read more about his flaws and foibles. But none of this is the fault of the media. Reporters and editors are there to sell papers. They wouldn’t publish stories that didn’t sell.

Bringing celebrities down a notch sells.



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3 responses to “Tiger Woods Media Coverage is Par for the Course

  1. Bang on – on all the points you raise.

  2. JB

    I would add that the fact that he is clearly not coming clean even now invites the continuing media scrutiny he is complaining about. Consider this: His wife never called 911 (a neighbour did). She had the incredible foresight in a time of panic to grab a golf club on her way out the door. She smashed both back windows to get at Tiger to rescue him. Hmm. Sounds a lot more like an enraged wife caused the crash by going ballistic on the SUV a nine-iron and now the husband with the guilty conscience is trying to cover for her. Idle speculation, of course, but which scenario fits better, this one or Tiger’s?

  3. Michael Moss

    Words for Tiger to live by, here’s an ad currently on display at LaGuardia


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