President Obama Needs a Reminder That Video is King

The honeymoon period is clearly over for U.S. President Barrack Obama, but his political problems are partly a result of his communications problems. It may be that the hard ball politics of Washington are no match for the New Media campaign that swept Obama to power but it seems he’s abandoned the brilliance that rocketed him out of nowhere to take over the presidency.

The architect of that campaign was David Plouffe, who is now very noticeably absent from the daily workings of the White House. Plouffe is credited for creating a winning political campaign around the Internet and social media. Yet he has said, that although Twitter and Facebook were useful tools, the campaign was careful not to get distracted by the latest “shiny new thing”.

The key element of Plouffe’s communications success was the same thing that helped John Kennedy defeat Richard Nixon almost 50 years ago – video. While radio listeners thought Nixon was winning the debates, Kennedy looked better on television and won the election.

More than ever, video is king these days, according to Plouffe. And every time Obama appears in public, his approval ratings go up.

Keep that in mind the next time your company or organization finds itself defending its reputation – a well produced video and strong public speaking skills have become essential elements in winning and holding public support.


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