My Top Picks From This Year’s Posts

At the end of the year, it’s common for the media to pick their top stories of the past year so I thought I would do the same with my blog posts. Some of my posts are still attracting readers, months after I wrote them thanks to searchable keywords. But there are other posts that I particularly liked, even if they didn’t get as much traction.

Back in January I started one post with a verbatim exchange I’d had while trying to order a coffee and a muffin. It illustrated how badly we pay attention when we try to communicate.

The post was titled “Communication Begins with Listening”.

I had some fun in February when I used a conversation with the guitarist for Doug and the Slugs to show a basic mistake many people make when they give presentations. I called that post “The Blues Ain’t Nothing but a Good Speech Gone Bad”

In March, I recalled a boyhood love to illustrate how important it is to define ourselves accurately and succinctly. That post was “A Writer and a Poet from Canada Meets an Artist and a Dancer From Sacramento”

These were my favorites from the Media Coach blog this year, what were yours?


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