About Ken Coach

Ken Coach is a widely respected media trainer, public speaking coach and communications consultant.  He specializes in corporate messaging, crisis management and presentation performance.

After starting out as a weekly newspaper reporter, Coach eventually became the Senior Producer in charge of domestic news coverage for CTV National News.  He was also Executive Producer of CBC network and regional TV news programs in various parts of Canada. He has freelanced for a number of American magazines and U.S. network television. Along the way he was also a columnist, photographer and TV anchorman. His unique background includes working in radio, newspapers, magazines and television from Nunavut to New York.

He also taught public speaking for eight years at the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business Executive Education Program.

Coach has tackled challenges in both traditional and new social media often in high profile crisis situations. He believes all communication starts with content and has helped a large number of clients focus their messaging and create an effective media strategy.

Crisis management is a strong part of Coach’s business and he has been instrumental in developing quick and effective crisis communication plans to preserve the reputations of national and international companies and individuals.

For a free telephone consultation, enter your information in the contact form and give a short description of what your needs are.

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