“Ken Coach is a true professional and a real gentleman. He brings an incredible blend of experience, passion and intuition to every situation and I have benefited from his depth and approach. Ken is cool, focused and smart with an eye for detail. Ken meshed seamlessly with our leadership team and was a natural leader, motivator and advisor to me and my company and I cannot recommend him more highly.” Joey Houssian, President of The Adventure Group, Whistler BC.

“PCI found the seminars that Ken presented for a range of our staff were very worthwhile. They covered public speaking, preparation, presentation and dealing with the press. Ken has also worked with us in the past, assisting in the preparation for intense high profile public presentations. His work in refining our message and in the preparation for questions and answers was extremely helpful – and we got the necessary approvals!” Andrew Grant, President of PCI Developments Corp.

“Ken introduced me to a new way of planning the development of messages that I still use. I have since connected with Ken in a more informal capacity on a couple of issues, and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again – or to recommend him to anyone seeking crisis communications and/or issues management expertise.” Alison Amratlal, Global Communications Leader at Golder Associates.

“Ken Coach combines his extensive media background with an ability to quickly understand a client’s communications needs. He can process complex points of view and provide advice that is both effective in the media and appropriate to stakeholders.  He has an engaging  style that instills confidence in difficult situations and is one of the best when it comes to crisis communications or issues management.” Dave Taylor, Director of Marketing and Communications at Douglas University.

“I think the strength that Media Coach brings to the table is the ability to quickly analyze complex issues and accurately anticipate how the media will interpret those issues. They have helped us strategically and tactically in getting our messages put forward. They were also who we turned to when our organization faced a major re-branding.” Rick Jeffery, President of Coast Forest Products Association.

“We have found Ken to be one of the best communication strategists and media skills training professionals we have met. His insight into how people deal with information is exceptional and his engaging method of coaching makes people feel at ease in preparing for the challenges of being confronted by the media on complex projects.” Mark Holland, HB Lanarc Consultants Ltd.


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